Basic Care for Indoor Orchids That Will Have Your Plants Blossoming

Here are 5 Basic Tips for growing orchids indoors. You will find by following these simple care instructions your orchids will be thriving and blossoming over and over again. 

1 - TEMPERATURE. The ideal room temperature is 65 to 75 degrees. 

2 - LIGHT. Place orchids in bright light but AVOID direct sunlight.

3 - CONTAINER - Always use a pot that has holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. The last thing you want is to have an orchid sit in water. 

4 - WATER - Water about twice a week. Always check first to make sure the soil has reached a dry point. It is simple to check, just place your finger about an inch in the soil if it is dry give your orchid a little water. 

5 - HUMIDITY - Orchids prefer a bit of humidity. If your home is dry simply use a spray bottle and lightly spray the orchid a couple of times a week. 

These basic tips are all you need to keep your indoor orchid gracing your space with beautiful flowers.