An Organic Halloween - Affordable Healthy Treats for Trick or Treaters

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Goblins, ghosts, princesses and pirates are about to come knocking on your door.  What can you give out this Halloween that will satisfy both your organic lifestyle and all those sweet tooths? Hmmmm stick around and find out.  

They may say Trick or Treat but we all know it’s the treat they really want. This year why not hand out organic goodness. Sweet and fun, these choices will bring a smile to everyone's faces.

Let’s start with Chocolate, the go-to favorite. An affordable option is Equal Exchange Chocolate.They have mini organic chocolate bars that are also Fair Trade

Lollipops are also a fun treat and Yummy Earth Lollipops are easy to buy in bulk as you can get a 150 pops for about $18 or get the five pound bag for bigger savings.

The combo of sweet and gummy is always a popular choice. Pick up kid size pacts of Surf Sweets Gummy Bears, you can buy enough for Halloween or save more and buy a case. Use the leftovers for lunch bags and after school snacks for about fifty cents a bag.

Glee Gum is another great option, their Halloween assortment comes in 21 mini boxes, in a variety of flavors for under six bucks.

Hey, what about Brownies, while not a typical Halloween offering, Clif  Z Bar has a chocolaty Organic brownie that is very tasty. A package of 36 is about $25 and contains essential vitamins and minerals.

These treats are great alternatives for Halloween, keep in mind that they can also replace conventional treats throughout the year. We have added links and buying info from our searches in the YouTube description but prices can change without notice so it’s best to do a current search for your own comparison. Please click video to see the links, and hey, why don't you Subscribe while you are there.

We have not been paid to endorse these products, we simply found them to fit our criteria for organic living and of course they passed our taste test too.

Bonus Tip

If you want to give something that can provide fun without a calorie count, try a Goody Bag. With a trip to the dollar store you can create a festive bag of treasures that will prolong the Halloween fun. Great items to include would be themed stickers, coloring books with crayons, animal rings, bubble bottles, animal masks, puzzles are just a few ideas.

You can stuff these bags to your heart, or budgets content.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween everyone

We would love to hear your comments. Until next time, Be organic and be healthy.