Start Eating Organic without Increasing Your Grocery Bill

Organic Roost

The health facts, taste, the feel good local buying practices are all great reasons to start buying organic food. There are plenty of ways you can start eating an economical organic diet. Here are my top five tips… let’s get to it.

1 - Buy Frozen - Organic Frozen Fruits and vegetables are a great way to save a few dollars. They retain the majority of their nutrients and flavor allowing you to enjoy your favorites through the year. So hit the freezer section first.

2 - Buy in Bulk - Most health food stores and even farmers markets will have bulk bins of many items including things like nuts, cereals, grains, and beans. Your wallet will thank you, plus it just feels good not throwing away excessive packaging… that’s a bonus for sure.

3 - Shop at Co-ops and Farmers Markets.  These are great ways to not only save some money buying organic but you get to talk to people that actually grew the food you are buying, or at the very least someone who knows the farmers themselves. It creates a closer connection to your community and great dinner conversations. Unless you are forbidden to talk at the table like I grew up… just kidding Mom.

4 - Eat and Buy in Season - There is nothing better than a fresh strawberry in June or Butternut Squash soup in October. You will find that prices of produce is much cheaper when it is in season. So eat those strawberries like candy in the summer then freeze a few quarts for a treat over the winter, you will save a bundle compared to buying them throughout the year.

5- Store Brands - As of this filming there are several large store chains that carry their own line of organic foods. These include Aldi, Stop & Shop, Giant, Walmart, Target and of course Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Buying these brands offers great savings. Wegman’s, a chain that is centric to New York but quickly populating to other states, has gone a step further, and started their own organic farm to help stock their shelves with more organic options.

Here’s a bonus option to save and it’s a no brainer… you can grow your own. It saves you the most and it’s a lot of fun too. So go get started on your next shopping trip. Eating organic is not all or nothing. Your body and mind will thank you. Even if it is just one or two organic items this week, it’s a start.

Until then...Be Organic and Be Healthy